What is the EZ Knock Marketplace?

The EZ Knock Marketplace is an efficient, sustainable, technology packed marketplace for buyers and sellers in the process serving industry.

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Why is EZ Knock Marketplace efficient?

  • Real time prices provide you, the buyer, with immediate decision ability and budgeting

  • Optimized and simple user interface allows you to quickly create your account by leveraging online identifies you already have(Facebook, Google, LinkedIn)

  • Instant dispatch and notification to your seller(process server), you’ll be in touch with them directly

Why is EZ Knock Marketplace sustainable?

  • Sellers(process servers) are a critical aspect of due process, the marketplace promotes the open market concept

  • Eliminates the middle man, traditionally in the processs serving industry the middle man(process serving companies) earn 50% or more of the fees being paid

  • Provides supply/demand transparency for buyers and sellers, a critical function of long term market health

What technology is packed into the EZ Knock Marketplace?

  • Simple yet effective order tracking for Buyers via the web(mobile app coming soon)

  • Advanced mobile app for the seller to report attempts and serves with time/date/location stamped photos

  • Buyer and Seller ratings, provide professional feedback via the marketplace to benefit others

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