How the EZ Knock Marketplace Works

Details on how the EZ Knock Marketplace works for buyers and sellers

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Sellers come to the EZ Knock Marketplace and create their profiles, build their resume, become qualified and set their prices and coverage. Those prices and coverage areas drive the pricing algorithm for the buyers. When a buyer enters a zip code they receive price quotes based on the underlying coverage and pricing offered by sellers. Discerning sellers can also leverage profiles, resumes and qualifications to further vet sellers(where the market supports it).

For example, a seller with more experience, higher qualifications and better seller ratings may demand a higher price over a rookie seller looking to enter the market. The buyer drives that choice, not some middleman. The seller has transparency into who and where his competition is as well as transparency into market volumes and trends. If the seller isn’t busy enough he may choose to change is coverage area, lower his price, improve his qualifications or a combination of those. If a seller is too busy he may do the same.

What role does the EZ Knock Marketplace play? For a small amount(buyer pays) per order EZ Knock Markerplace backs the marketplace in the following ways:

  • Risk Management, EZ Knock Marketplace acts as intermediary in the event of a dispute between buyer or seller

  • Recruitment, EZ Knock Marketplace actively recruits sellers to the marketplace with the goal of having 100% of active process servers listed and verified

  • Advertising, EZ Knock Marketplace brings Buyer traffic to the marketplace by investing in advertising and marketing

  • Technology, EZ Knock Marketplace provides the technology(free to buyers and sellers) to support the marketplace

  • Real Time Monitoring and Support, the EZ Knock Marketplace support team monitors the health of the marketplace and it’s users in real time and offers live support from 7am EST to 9pm WST 7 days a week. That’s a live support window of 15 hours!

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