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Why EZ Knock works with Independent Process Servers
Why EZ Knock works with Independent Process Servers

What if I have subservers? Can I sign them up?

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EZ Knock Marketplace was created to push away from industry norms and change how process servers and clients conduct business. EZ Knock Marketplace Sellers are individual process servers. Not process serving companies or middlemen but the actual process server knocking on doors. By eliminating middlemen, the EZ Knock Marketplace aims to allow process servers, those individuals knocking on doors, to flourish and have better transparency into the competitive landscape in which they operate in.

I am a Process Serving Company with Sub servers, what are my options?

You can sign-up as a Seller yourself, so can your sub servers. The idea would be that if your process servers should choose to join the marketplace, they would take on the administrative functions themselves, manage their own inventory, set their own prices, and get paid directly. EZ Knock will be introducing a referral program where you can refer Sellers—and even your sub servers, and receive a referral bonus!

EZ Knock Marketplace also provides a unique opportunity to Sellers; becoming Buyers themselves. Need extra help with serving documents for your company? Don’t have coverage in an area? You can become a Buyer and place orders on the marketplace easily! We will be launching Buyer sign-up and Order Placement in early September, make sure to sign-up for updates.

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