What is a Buyer?

Buyers can be any of the following:

  • Pro Se Litigants, individuals handling their own small claims or other legal matters

  • Legal Professionals, paralegals or attorneys requiring process serving

  • Process Servers needing to forward something to an area they don’t typically work, or need help with their workload

How do I become a Buyer if I am already a Seller?

Easily! Follow the instructions below:

1. Click on the person icon in the top right corner of your account. If you hover over this icon it says "Become a Buyer"

2. You will be directed to a screen to start your sign-up as a Buyer. Most of this information will be pre-filled, if you need to change any information, remove the old and enter in new information. If you wish to change your picture to your company logo or another photo you can do so. Changing or adding a new picture will only apply to your new Buyer account. If you do not upload a new picture, your current Seller Profile Picture will be your Buyer photo. Click "Continue" once you are finished to complete sign-up.

3. Once you have completed your Buyer Sign-Up you will see your Buyer account page.

πŸŽ‰ Now you are ready to start placing orders! πŸŽ‰

Learn more about placing orders here.

You can easily switch between your accounts by clicking the Building icon (Buyer Account) or Person icon (Seller Account).

Accessing your Seller account from your Buyer portal.

Accessing your Buyer account from your Seller portal.

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