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EZ Knock Buyers- Automated Retail Order Entry
EZ Knock Buyers- Automated Retail Order Entry

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After signing up as a Buyer on EZ Knock you are ready to place an order. Not signed up yet? No worries, find sign-up instructions HERE.

There are two methods to get to the order entry process:

1. Click the Place an Order button at the top right corner of the site and be prompted to log in. Once you are logged in you will be in the order entry process.

2. Log into your account first, and once logged in, click "Create an Order" button

3. Enter in the zip code of the recipient's address.

4. Based on the zip code entered, a couple of different order options will show for you. Choose the Automated Retail Order option.

Wholesale Order option will only show for Subscription Buyers. Learn more here.

Step 1

Enter in the name of the recipient, address where you want your documents delivered, and upload the documents you want delivered in these fields. Click Continue at the bottom to proceed with your order.

If you require original documents to be delivered, do not upload the documents to be served in the field provided.

⚠ For the Automated Retail Order you cannot customize deadlines or qualifications. You will receive a notice if you toggle the last question in step one.

⚠ For the Automated Retail Order you cannot customize deadlines or qualifications. You will receive a notice if you toggle the last question in step one. The default return type (affidavit type) is the Seller generates their own return of service. You can change this to any other option after the order has been placed by Modifying the Order Details.

If you wish to customize these items, click YES

EZ Knock's Recommendation

After clicking Continue, you will receive a pop-up advising of EZ Knock Marketplace's recommended price for service. The total shown to you also includes the EZ Knock Processing Fee. If you agree with this price click Accept.

The below is an example order, the price you see may differ depending on area of service.

Step Two


You can add additional add-ons based on information or selections you made in Step One. Click Continue to move to the next step.

Step Three

Summary: All the information, dates, costs and instructions should be present in your order summary. Should any changes need to be made, you can use the "Back" button or click on the step at the top of the page.

Subtotal: All of your costs have been calculated and can be seen in your Subtotal. If you need to change any of your costs, please use the "Back" button or choose a step at the top of the page.

Coupon: If you have a coupon code enter in your code in the designated field.

Check Out

EZ Knock supports credit card payments to pay for orders placed. Review your total, billing address and enter in your card information. If your billing address is incorrect, click the pencil icon to change.

Click Process Payment once you are ready to pay for your order.

There is a 3% convenience fee.

If you entered a coupon code in the previous step, the discount will show in your total breakdown.

What's Next?

  • The order will be reviewed by Sellers in the area to accept.

  • If an order is rejected, you will receive a message with the reason so you can review your order details.

  • If 7 days has passed and the order has not been accepted or rejected, the order will go into a Buyer Review status, and you will need to review your options.

  • Follow up on your order. See details about acceptance, when the Seller will attempt, and details about attempts already made. Where do you see this information? Click HERE to learn all about your Buyer Portal.

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