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Having trouble logging into your Buyer or Seller account? We've complied this troubleshooting guide to help users with common issues with logging in.

I forgot my password

No worries! Click the "Forgot your password?" link to set a new password. You will receive an email with a reset password link.

I did not get the verification code to my email

  • Check your spam and junk and spam folders

  • Make sure [email protected] is in your safe sender list, or not a blocked sender. If using a company/corporate email address you may need to check with your administrator or IT team to see if [email protected] is a blocked sender.

  • Choose to receive your verification code via SMS (Text)*

*This option is only available if you have a phone number added to your user account. If you do not please contact User Support.

I did not get the verification code to my phone number

  • Check that the phone number the message was sent to is correct, the page should show the last four digits. If the number is wrong, please contact User Support.

  • Check with your carrier--does your carrier allow automated text messages?

  • Try sending the code again

  • Choose to receive your verification code via Email

*If you received the message "User does not have a phone to verify. Use email instead." your user account does not have a phone number added. You can choose Email instead or contact User Support to add your phone number.

I am getting the message "Invalid username or password"

  • Check that you are entering the right email and password (If you use saved passwords, try entering the password manually)

  • Are you sure you have signed up with EZ Knock Marketplace? You can check for emails in your inbox from your initial sign-up, or contact User Support to confirm you have an account with us.

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