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Grit, Grind, Grin - The Three Gs of Process Serving
Grit, Grind, Grin - The Three Gs of Process Serving

What does it take for process serving to be possible?

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The Gs of Process Serving

The people requiring process serving (Buyers) and the people performing the process serving (Sellers) are part of a legal process that is fundamental to the United States constitution. The person receiving the service is being notified of their involvement and provided a chance to respond, defend or participate in the action. The process can be exhausting.


Mental toughness, courage, resilience, perseverance are words used to describe grit. In process serving both the process server (Seller) and the legal professional (Buyer) are gritty.

Buyers are faced with challenges of juggling the legal matter with the court, their customer, their peers and colleagues and through it all they must also coordinate the process serving. Unfortunately every serve doesn’t result in success on the first attempt and Buyers are left with additional work to determine what should happen next, giving up isn’t an option. Typically the Buyer is managing more than one lawsuit or legal matter and may even be overseeing more than one process server (Seller) or serve. Juggling calls with court clerks, setting up hearings, planning for arbitrations and typing briefs. Everyday, all day this cycle continues.

Sellers are equally challenged. Each morning a process server is preparing their serves, planning a route, making sure their vehicle is ready, making sure they are dressed appropriately and most importantly that their phone is charged. Today they will deal with traffic, car trouble, their credit card will get rejected at the gas station for no reason and only if they are lucky will they complete a couple of serves. During the day they may get emails, text messages and multiple phone calls. Knock no answer, bad address, they don’t live hear anymore, try this address, why isn’t this served yet, that’ll cost $400 to fix…..are things they hear all day every day.


Normal business hours, what’s that? Process serving is a grind that often begins before daylight, ends after dark and occasionally occurs in the middle of the night. With difficult serves the Buyer and the Seller may be constantly collaborating on next steps and best practices to produce success and the time of day won’t matter. Hard dull work is a frequent definition of the word grind and process serving can be a grind for both the Buyers and the Sellers. There’s always another address to try, another person to talk to, another serve to attempt another street to drive down, another call to take. If that wasn’t enough, finding a process server or a process server finding more business adds to the grind, the Buyers and Sellers always seeking one another out in a less than efficient world where process serving happens in the background.


A broad smile. When it works everyone is happy even if for a fleeting moment. The grin feels good when the Buyer finds a process server (Seller) who is qualified and eager. The grin feels good when the process server (Seller) sees success on the first attempt because they were prepared. The grin feels good when the Buyer and the Seller work in harmony to obtain a positive result through difficult events. The grin is necessary to get up tomorrow and start again.

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