How do Sellers record Attempts/Serves?

How do Sellers record their entries?

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EZ Knock Sellers use the EZ Knock Marketplace mobile app to record their attempts and serves.

Is it required that Sellers use the mobile app?

Yes. Sellers are notified at the end of their onboarding, and before accepting every order that attempts must be made on the mobile app by the person who is making the attempt/serve. The EZ Knock Marketplace mobile app is available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

What items are required on the mobile app when Sellers make attempts?

  • Photo of location (this is required before any other attempt/serve information can be entered)

  • Audio and Video recordings. * (Only if qualification was added to the order)

  • Address where attempt/delivery was made (Sellers can add a new address if applicable)

  • Date and Time

  • Attempt Outcome (Choices can vary depending on Buyer's chosen attempt outcomes)

  • Attempt Note (required on attempts, however, this is not required if order was delivered, but Sellers have the option to add a note if they wish)

  • WhoKnocked Card Left? (Question has Yes and No options)

  • Will you be returning? (If Yes, Seller must enter their Next Attempt Date. If No, Seller must choose Non-Service Outcome)

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