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Knock Knock, Who's There? - WhoKnocked
Knock Knock, Who's There? - WhoKnocked

Helping process servers and consumers connect through technology

Written by James Racina
Updated over a week ago

All joking aside what is WhoKnocked? WhoKnocked is a web-based platform where the consumer (person getting served legal documents) can connect with the Process Server who is trying to deliver the documents. The Consumer and process server can discreetly and securely communicate with one another to set up a suitable time to get the documents delivered.

What are the benefits of using WhoKnocked for the Consumer?

  • They can schedule a date and time for the process server to return to the address that works with their schedule

  • Confidentiality of neighbors not seeing the process server returning to the consumer’s address multiple times

  • Through technology, consumers can contact their process servers via text or phone call while keeping their phone number anonymous

What are the benefits of using WhoKnocked to Process Servers?

  • Professional looking door cards with the process server’s PURL (personalized URL) that will link the consumer to connect with the process server

  • Potentially resolve orders faster. Gain information about a “bad address” quicker

  • Missed contact? Process Servers can get connected with the consumer and schedule a date and time to come back, to make sure they don’t miss the opportunity to deliver again

What do the top users of WhoKnocked have to say about this platform?

"People respond positively by scheduling service. It lessens the attempts when the current resident responds that defendant does not live at the address. Saves time which saves money. The secured connection it creates when someone does respond." WhoKnocked User Alex

"Benefits. The person is more inclined to reach out. Professional Looking Hangers. Helps with letting them know a legit Process Server was there. People reach out more & I'm able to make arrangements to meet. Able to make the serve faster. 2nd. Also the people reaching out seem to give more information on someone who no longer lives there. I like that the only information on WhoKnocked Hangers is my first name and initial to last. No phone numbers given. Private." WhoKnocked User Sharon

"I really like the door cards! Easy to slip in a crack without tearing out a circular center. The ability to confirm residency in a non-confrontational manner. I love the wording, though some folks have said that they thought it was a scam. That's why WKD [WhoKnocked] card first, followed up with a more serious red card. I LOVE that the cards are furnished for us!" WhoKnocked User Rebecca

WhoKnocked Mission Statement

WhoKnocked aims to bring security and transparency to the service of process (process serving). Through technology, WhoKnocked offers YOU the ability to have a say on when and where you are served. This makes getting served safer and eliminates the chance of being served in an undesirable setting.

Find out more about WhoKnocked at

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