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The Power of Choice, Qualifications, and Relationships in Process Serving
The Power of Choice, Qualifications, and Relationships in Process Serving

What choices will you make?

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Choices, Choices, Choices

The world is full of choices. Coffee or Tea? Booth or Table? Paper or Plastic? The same can be said about choosing who you want to deliver your documents, or whom you choose to deliver documents for. Sellers working on behalf of a company are at the mercy of what documents they are given and Buyers contracting with that company are at the mercy of what process servers their documents are given to. Some Sellers are happy to take all work from Buyers, no matter the experience they may end up having with them. On the other hand, many Sellers are left taking work from buyers that they continue to have bad experiences with. Choices are limited for a seller working under a larger company. The Pro being volume, in most cases, and the con being a “get what you get and don’t throw a fit” mentality. Some process serving companies offer Sellers the choice of which orders they work but most won’t provide details on who the order is from, or previous experiences other Sellers may have had with the Buyer.

Qualifications Matter

Imagine needing to hire a contractor to install new tile flooring. The contractor is in your area, their price is reasonable, they’ve worked with a variety of flooring materials, but they don’t have a contractor’s license. Would you hire this contractor?

In the process serving world qualifications are king. Volume buyers and state entities can dictate drug tests, background checks, etc. Process Serving companies tend to take on the “one-size fits all” mentality when it comes to Sellers having certain qualifications. Sellers are left with fulfilling this requirement with no other option if they want to receive work and buyers with less discerning needs are left paying top dollar for qualifications they did not request.

The Power of Relationships

More often than not the relationship between a Buyer (Client) and a Seller (Process Server) doesn’t exist directly. The line of communication and the relationship is instead with the process serving company. If there is an issue with the order, or questions, the Buyer and Seller go to the process company. There is not a direct line of communication with the person who is knocking on the door and the person who needs the documents delivered. This type of relationship can work well for many, or it can end up as a bad game of telephone resulting in miscommunication and confusion. Having a direct line of communication with the other party can help ease confusion and bring clarity to expectations, all helping to build a trusting working relationship. Would clients be more inclined to use a process server again and again if they had a direct line of communication? Would process servers be more inclined to work harder to deliver documents when working directly for a client?

Choices, qualifications, and relationships are just a few factors that matter in this industry. EZ Knock Marketplace has seen the industry's need to evolve these and really put the Buyer and Seller in the driver’s seat to make choices for themselves. Sellers in the marketplace choose which qualifications they want to have, and Buyers can choose which qualifications they require for their orders. Both Buyers and Sellers have the ability to say who they work with and can build strong relationships through direct lines of communication. Find out more about how EZ Knock Marketplace is changing the world of process serving through innovative technology at

EZ Knock Marketplace, changing the world of process serving through innovative technology. Buy, Sell, Serve with confidence.

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