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Going the Distance - Coverage Areas, Miles Traveled and Attempts
Going the Distance - Coverage Areas, Miles Traveled and Attempts

How far is too far? How do process servers decide?

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Close to home or far away? Miles traveled and the number of attempts are just a few crucial factors that process servers use to determine their coverage areas. Some may choose to work closer to home, and only cover a small area to maximize their efficiency. While others may cover multiple counties, or states to access more volume.

What considerations do process servers make when choosing their coverage areas or picking jobs within a coverage area?

  • Neighborhood -What kind of neighborhood is it?

  • Accessibility - Is it easy to gain access to the property? Are there physical barriers or limitations that could cause issues?

  • Address Type - Residential or Business?

  • Volume of work in the area

  • Rate of pay

  • Distance to home base

  • Client Relationship – Some process servers have long standing relationships with the client and will always cover an area for that client.

How do Process Servers choose how far to travel?

  • If the process server works for different companies/clients and covers the same zip code for more than one company. This can allow them to have a large volume of work in the same area which can cut down on miles traveled, time spent, and costs.

  • Personal obligations – Family and other obligations may require a Process Server to stay close to home.

  • Rate of pay for the effort it will take to travel the distance. Is it worth it?

Additional conditions and attempt requirements that contribute to a process servers' decision of coverage:

  • Number of attempts required for Client’s diligence

  • Deadlines – Due date, hearing dates etc.

  • Client asking for additional information - Certain days/times attempts can’t be made, checking with neighbors, or DMV/Property inquiries.

The decision about what areas a Process Server may cover is ultimately up to the process server themselves. They are the individuals who are knocking on doors and know the effort it takes to work in the area they choose. They get to decide what works best for them and that can change over time or in an instant depending on the serve. The most efficient and highest grossing process servers make coverage area choices that will help increase their productivity and efficiency.

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