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EZ Knock Sellers - Seller Portal Sign-Up

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We're excited to have you be apart of the EZ Knock Marketplace! Follow the instructions below to sign up and onboard as a Seller.

You can watch a walk-through of Seller Sign-Up below too!

Sign Up

  1. Click the Sign Up button at the top right of the site. You will be prompted with a pop-up asking you if you are a Buyer or a Seller. Pick the Seller option to be navigated to the sign-up screen.

3. If choosing another method to sign-up, log in with those credentials to proceed with the sign-up process. Otherwise, enter in the fields shown and click Sign-Up with Email

4. You will be asked to verify your email as part of the MFA (multi-factor authentication) process. You will receive a link to click or you can copy and paste the URL into your browser to confirm your email. Make sure to check in your spam and junk folders for the verification email. **If you open the email on a different device other than the one you started the sign-up process on, you will have to log into your account before proceeding with phone verification.

Example of the email verification you will receive.

Email Sender: [email protected]

5. Once your email has been confirmed, you will be asked to verify your phone number. If you do not receive the code you do have options to resend, or receive a phone call with a code.

6. Once code is confirmed you will be able to proceed to the EZ Knock Marketplace.

7. You will see a new screen with additional informational fields that need to be completed. Please complete and click Continue to proceed.

Why do you need the last four of my SSN (Social Security #)? This is used to create your Wallet so you are able to withdraw available funds for completed orders.

After you have completed this screen you will be taken to the onboarding process to complete your profile.

On Boarding

This section will briefly go through each of the steps for the On Boarding process. You can jump to a step below by clicking on a section:

Each of the menu items can be seen on the right side of your web page.


Some information like your Mobile Number, DOB, and address are already pre-entered from your initial sign up. To complete this section, be sure to fill in any other missing information you wish to add. Click "Save & Continue to Coverage" when done to proceed to the next step.

Required in this section: In addition to the fields marked with an asterisk(*), a Profile Photo is required. This section can be found in the top right side of the Personal page. You also are able to submit a Electronic Signature. Please ensure the Photo you choose is appropriate and of yourself (i.e. no landscapes, quotes, pets etc.) and is a jpeg or PNG file. This photo is used to verify your identity against your Driver's License to ensure who signed up and is serving the documents is the same person we see in the profile picture

EZ Knock Tip πŸ’‘ : Filling out the Bio to share your work experience and a little about yourself helps Buyers get to know you. Please remember to keep your Bio professional!


Coverage is where you will add the zip codes in which you wish to receive or see orders in. You can choose zip codes from multiple states.

Adding Zip Codes: Choose a state from the drop down and click Select Zip codes. You will be given a pop-up box with zip codes for that state. You can filter by county and city. You can add all selected, or unselect all and only check mark those you want to add. If you want to add the whole state, click the toggle on the bottom left that says "Add All Zip Codes from XX"

Values in yellow are the range of prices other Sellers are setting these zip codes at. This is market intelligence EZ Knock Marketplace provides, and you are not obligated to set your prices at the same rate, but can help you determine your prices for certain order types. You can add more zip codes by clicking Select Zip Codes again and changing the county filter or adding a city filter.

You will set up your price in the next step. Click Submit once done adding.

Setting your Price: When you are done adding your zip codes, to set your price, click the "Set Price" that is at the top of your coverage. It is required you set your price on all the zip codes you added prior to moving to the next step in the sign up process.

You will notice the coverage table will change and each zip code has a check box. You can check mark the zip codes you wish to set at a certain price, or use Select All, Unselect All or Select Unpriced. Select Unpriced will check mark all the zip codes without prices. Range of prices are shown again to advise you of what other Sellers are setting these zip codes at. Click "Set Price on Selected Zips" to set a price.

You will receive a pop-up box asking for the price, enter in an amount and click Submit.

The zip codes you chose to set the price for have now updated and are in GREEN. You can set a price for more zip codes if you choose to do so. Once you are finished, to save your prices, click Finish at the top of the coverage table.

Editing Prices: If you want to edit the price you have entered, you can hover over the price and click to edit. You can remove a zip code by clicking the small "X" in each zip code's box.

Removing Zip Codes: You can remove a zip code by clicking the small "X" in each zip code's box.

Click "Continue to Driver's License" when done with Coverage to proceed to the next step.

Required in this section: If you do not add coverage you will not be able to see available orders or be considered for other order types. You can add your coverage at a later time.

EZ Knock Tip πŸ’‘ : You can use the "City" drop down feature when adding zip codes to see zip codes in that city only.

Driver's License

In this section you will enter in your Driver's License information and upload a photo or scan of your Driver's License. Click "Save & Continue to Associations" when done to proceed to the next step.

Required in this section: Driver's License is required. If you are unable to upload a photo or scan of your Driver's License at the time of sign-up you can do so later, but you will not be able to proceed with orders until your Driver's License is uploaded and approved.

EZ Knock Tip πŸ’‘ : Make sure the copy of your Driver's License is readable and clear.


Here you can add all the associations you are apart of for process serving. Click "Continue to Bank Info " when done to proceed to the next step.

Required in this section: Adding an association is not required.

EZ Knock Tip πŸ’‘ : You can add your own association if not listed by typing in your own in the drop down.

Bank Info

Here is where you will set up your Wallet and can add a bank account or debit card as a funding source to receive your funds. If adding a Bank Account you have options for Instant Verification by providing your bank log in information, or you can choose the Micro Deposit Verification (this option can take 1-3 business days) Find out more about the Micro Deposit Verification process HERE. If adding a debit card you will be asked for your card details. With a debit card added you will be able to choose a Push to Debit option later. Click "Continue to Preferences" when done to proceed to the next step.

Required in this section: Adding a funding source is not required, but you will not be able to receive payment for completed orders if you do not add a funding source.

EZ Knock Tip πŸ’‘ : Add a Debit Card to have the option for Push to Debit when withdrawing from your EZ Knock Marketplace Seller Wallet.

NOTICE: Your banking information remains confidential and is not stored with EZ Knock Marketplace. Only you can make changes to your banking information.

Additional Verification

Dwolla may require additional information to verify your identity. You may see a notice on your Seller Profile or in your Bank Info tab that looks like the below. Click on Wallet to compete verification.

Example of a notice you may see in your Wallet to verify your identity. Click on Verify Personal Profile to complete.


Are you able to produce custom returns? Are you bilingual, trilingual? In Preferences you can add additional languages you speak, choose how you want to receive urgent messages and more! Turning some of the additional preferences on (Willing to record Audio, and Video, WhoKnocked Card User) will automatically add and approve those items as Qualifications. Click "Save & Continue to Qualifications" when done to proceed to the next step.

Required in this section: Adding additional languages or additional preferences are not required, but encouraged to help Buyers know more about you.

EZ Knock Tip πŸ’‘ : If you want to receive messages in multiple methods, you can choose more than one option!


Qualifications are extremely important to add. They determine what orders you qualify or do not qualify for. Qualifications are put into two categories: Standard Qualifications and Coverage Qualifications. Standard Qualifications are not state or county specific. Coverage Qualifications are state and county specific. Some qualifications require documentation (i.e. Car Insurance) or may require a fee like the Background Check or Drug Test. You may see some qualifications already added based on your preferences you chose on the previous screen. To remove a qualification click the small "x" to the right of the qualification.

Click "Continue to Documents" when done to proceed to the next step.

Required in this section: Adding qualifications is not required, but can limit the orders you qualify for. You can add or remove qualifications at any time.

EZ Knock Tip πŸ’‘ : At the top of your Qualifications screen you may see recommended qualifications based on your peers who cover the same zip codes.

Below shows recommended qualifications, your recommendations may be different from shown


Your nearly there! This is the last step in the onboarding process. Any qualifications that require documentation will be listed here. But you can also upload other documents not listed if needed under the "Other" option. You'll notice "Process Server License" is present, this is here in the event a Coverage Qualification requires a process server license. Click the Document name to enter in information and upload your document. Click "Submit & Complete Profile" to finish your on boarding.

Required in this section: Qualifications you chose that are listed under Documents require documentation. Process Server License is not required if your Coverage Qualification does not require it.

EZ Knock Tip πŸ’‘ : Be sure that your upload of your document is clear and the correct documentation needed.

🎊 You're finished! 🎊

You will notice your account page has a different look now. You have completed your on-boarding!

  • You can still make any changes you need to on any of the profile sections, and upload any missing documentation.

  • Our User Support team will review your Pending Qualifications for approval. Qualifications are reviewed in 3-5 business days.

  • If any of your Pending Qualifications get rejected, you can see the rejection note in your Qualifications.

  • You may receive communication from Marketing Support or User Support regarding items needed for your qualifications.

You will receive a pop-up message advising what steps you can take now that you have completed on boarding.

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