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EZ Knock Sellers - Wholesale Market
EZ Knock Sellers - Wholesale Market

Looking for work on your terms? Try out the EZ Knock Marketplace Wholesale Market

Written by James Racina
Updated over a week ago

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Looking for some extra work, but don't want to go too far or take on too much? The Wholesale Market is your answer! Get work on your terms! This article will guide you through using the Wholesale Market.

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Accessing the Wholesale Market

The Wholesale Market can only be viewed once you are logged into your Seller account. Need help signing up? Click HERE.

When are new Wholesale Orders Available?

6am and 2pm your local time is when you will be notified via your preferred method of contact, and when new orders will show on the marketplace.

Click the Marketplace Hub tab at the top of your portal then choose "Wholesale Market"

You will notice if you have any Wholesale Orders to review , there is a red number present next to the Wholesale Market option.

Order Types and Coverage

There are two different types of orders shown on the Wholesale Market:

Your area of coverage is outlined in teal on the map. If you cover multiple states/areas they will be outlined as well.

Each order will be marked with a pin on the map. You can click the order in the list to be taken to the pin on the map, or click the pin directly.

Unqualified Orders

When you click on a red pin you will see how many qualifications out of the total you need to accept the order. You can hover over the information icon to see which ones you are missing. Each order may have different qualification requirements. You can click Manage Qualifications to go to your profile and add the missing qualifications. All orders will have the option to Watchlist. This hides this order from your list until a later time.

⚠ Qualification review and approval can take up to 3-5 business days.

Accepting Orders

When you click on a green pin (Available Order) you will see you meet 100% of the qualifications required for this order as well as the price to complete this order. You have the option to Accept, Reject, or Watchlist the order.

When you click "Accept" you will be given additional information regarding the order. Learn more about the deadlines for orders HERE.

Once you have reviewed the order information, and have check the box agreeing to the acceptance terms, click "Accept Order" to accept the order and add to your held inventory. The Price listed is the price the Buyer is paying, no additional add-ons are added after completion of order. If you do not agree with the price, use the Reject option.

⚠You are required to enter in an attempt date before accepting the order. However, entering notes is not required to accept. Any notes written are visible to the Buyer. Notes should not be used to ask questions regarding the order. Find more about Seller to Buyer communication HERE.

Acceptance Acknowledgement

Rejecting Orders

If you decide to reject an order you will be provided with a pop-up asking for a reason. Use the reason drop down for a general reason, and you can enter notes to add additional details.

⚠ Please note that Buyers review these rejection notes and it is their decision to adjust any order details, but it is not required that they do.

Watchlisting Orders

If you decide to watch list an order, you will be provided with a pop-up asking for a new date to show the order. You can add any notes you wish to, but it is not required to snooze. Click "Submit" once you are done.

⚠The watch listed timeframe will expire on the date you chose and reappear on your map provided the order has not been taken already.

Toggling Filters

You can see orders you have Rejected, Watch Listed, and use other filters to change your list view for the Wholesale Market. Click the filter icon at the top right of the list. Select whichever view you would like to see. For the Rejected and Watch Listed options, it will put those orders at the top of the list. Each order, depending on what action you had previously took, will have a label of "Watch Listed" or "Rejected"

Removing Watchlisted and Rejected labels from orders

You can click on the order in the list or on the map to bring up the order details again. You are able to remove from Watch List, un-reject, accept or reject from here as well.

What's Next?

  • Check your inventory for your new order(s). The article HERE will guide you through your inventory management.

  • Have questions for the Buyer? Learn all about how to communicate with a buyer on an order HERE.

  • Download the EZ Knock Marketplace mobile app. All attempts/serves are required to be entered on the mobile app by the person who signed up as a Seller. Find download instructions here.

    There’s an article for that! We want to make sure you have the support you need, when you need it. Our Help Center is available 24/7 and is a great resource for answers and technical support. You can visit our Help Center HERE.

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