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EZ Knock Marketplace Introduction to Key Features FAQ
EZ Knock Marketplace Introduction to Key Features FAQ

Commonly asked questions regarding the upcoming changes to EZ Knock Marketplace

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A special open house was held to introduce key features of the EZ Knock Marketplace, click the button below to be taken to the video. Please like and subscribe to the channel to see future content!

What is the EZ KnockMarketplace? Isn’t there one already?

The EZ Knock Marketplace is a marketplace that brings together Buyers (Clients) and Sellers (Process Servers) in an efficient, cost effective and sustainable way to facilitate process serving. A lite version of "EZ Knock" was introduced last year, but we have been working on many improvements since then!

When will these changes be in effect?

Summer 2021!

Who does EZ Knock Marketplace affect?

Vendors currently with EZM will have the first look and opportunity to join the new version of EZ Knock Marketplace. We will be sure to reach out to you when the time comes! Some vendors may be selected for beta testing, so keep an eye out for that communication.

Why are we moving towards the EZ Knock Marketplace?

The Process Serving world is changing as we know it and we would like to be ahead of the game when it does! Process serving should be simple and we think with technology we can help facilitate that change.

What is happening to EZM?

EZ Messenger isn't going anywhere, but it is shifting focus to more of the back-end office work. EZ Knock Marketplace will be taking over the process serving piece. The EZ Knock Marketplace is creating a market where process servers can control their own business again.

Does EZ Knock Marketplace cost anything to be a part of?

Nope! EZ Knock Marketplace will not charge a Seller to sign-up and use!

Will there be a new app/portal?

Yes, there will be a new app and portal. We are working very hard to make sure this app and portal is amazing and user friendly! We can’t wait for you to see it!

Will we still be assigned jobs?

The EZ Knock Marketplace's goal is to put the Seller in complete control over their inventory. Sellers will obtain work by acceptance of orders versus assignment.

Can I keep my same areas of coverage?

EZ Knock Marketplace will have no restrictions of where you decide to work!

What if I don’t want to join the EZ Knock Marketplace?

As an independent contractor that is completely your choice. However, you will be missing out on an amazing opportunity, and some features that are not available anywhere else. Why not give it a try for 30 days? There are no contracts with EZ Knock Marketplace.

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Important - while the EZ Knock Marketplace shares the "EZ" brand element and is related to EZ Messenger in corporate formality it is materially different in purpose, culture and it's industry purpose.

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