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We've come up with an "EZ" referral plan so you can pocket some extra cash--without extra hassle!

Who can refer Buyers and Sellers?

Sellers on the Marketplace can refer Sellers and Buyers.

COMING SOON: Buyer referral capabilities

How do I refer someone?

  1. Go to your Seller Profile

  2. At the top of your Profile, underneath your name is your referral link (PURL = Personalized URL). Copy this link and share it! You can share on social media, via SMS, chat, email, etc.

3. Earn some extra cash! Those you refer must do the actions laid out in the plan above for you to earn your referral bonus.

Why don't I have a referral link (PURL)?

Only Sellers who have completed onboarding and have an Active status will have a referral link to share.

What happens when I refer someone?

Besides earning some extra cash, you can:

  • Form a Trusted Seller relationship with Buyer you refer on EZ Knock! Find out more about Trusted Seller relationships HERE.

  • Help your fellow process servers expand their business and opportunities by joining the marketplace

Where do I receive my referral bonuses?

Your referral bonuses will be sent to your Wallet. Find out more about your Wallet and withdrawing funds HERE.

Information on when bonuses will be paid out coming soon!

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