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The Seller Wallet is like nothing you have seen before when it comes to getting paid for your orders you complete. The Seller Wallet allows you to control when and how you receive your pay.

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Balance Types | Balance History | Withdrawing Funds | Add/Remove Funding Sources

Your Wallet can be found on your portal by clicking the "Wallet" at the top of your home page.

Balance Types

There are three balance types you will see in your Wallet. Total Balance, Available Balance and Locked Balance.

The below shows what each balance in your Wallet means.

Funds in Locked Balance are usually orders that have not been completed.

Balance History

Your balance history will show you the amount that is being added to your total balance and your new locked balance. If you have an Available Balance it will show an updated amount if applicable.

Each time you accept an order, the date of acceptance, amount of pay, and transaction type will show in your balance history.

If you click the gear icon to the right of each transaction you will be given an option "More Info". Clicking this option will provide you with further details regarding the transaction.

You can download your Balance History for your personal records by clicking the download icon at the top right corner. You have multiple options for exporting.

Withdrawing Funds

Sellers have two withdraw methods to receive their funds; ACH Deposit (also known as Direct Deposit) and Push-to Debit.

To withdraw available funds, click the "Withdraw Available Funds" button below your balances. You will receive a pop-up window to select where you want to receive your funds. Choosing a bank account will trigger the ACH option. Choosing a debit card will trigger the Push-to Debit option.

Once you choose a funding source and enter in an amount, click "Withdraw Funds" to initiate the withdraw. Minimum amount you can withdraw is $20. Max amount you can withdraw in one transaction is $5,000.

Interested in doing Push-to-Debit, but don't see the option? You will need to add a debit card as a funding source.

⚠ For Push-to Debit, the $5 fee will come out of the amount you are wishing to withdraw.

Your withdraw transaction will then show up in your Balance History and your Available and Total Balances will adjust.

Your deposits to your funding sources will be from sender Executive Process.

Add/Remove Funding Sources

NOTICE: Your banking information remains confidential and is not stored with EZ Knock Marketplace. Only you can make changes to your banking information.

A Funding Source is a bank account or debit card. The Wallet gives the option to add or remove funding sources at any time. You can click the plus icon at the top right corner to add a Funding Source. To remove, click the "X" next to the Funding Source you wish to remove.

⚠ If you have recently withdrawn funds to a funding source and would like to remove, please ensure funds have been received before removing.

⚠ An unverified funding source, where Micro-Deposit verification was chosen cannot be deleted until deposits are confirmed and account is verified.

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