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What is a Retail Order?

A Retail Order is a specific order type where a Buyer places an order by selecting a Seller from the list of Sellers in a given market which can be based on price and qualifications. Learn more about order types here.

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Retail Market

The Retail Market can only be viewed once you are logged into your Seller account. Need help signing up? Click HERE.

Click the Marketplace Hub tab at the top of your portal then choose "Retail Market"

You will notice if you have any Retail Orders to review , there is a red number present next to the Retail Market option.

New Retail Orders

New Retail orders needing your attention will have green markers on the list to the left of the screen. They are also represented by green pins on the map.

Your Inventory

Existing orders in your inventory (Wholesale or Retail) will have yellow markers in the list. They are also represented by yellow pins on the map.

Toggling Filters

You can use filters to help organize the orders on the list. You have the option to Filter Low to High, High to Low, and by Number of Attempts


  1. Click on a green pin on the map or click on a new Retail Order in the list.

  2. Review the information provided and click the green Accept button.

3. When you click "Accept" you will be given additional information regarding the order. Learn more about the deadlines for orders HERE. The Price listed is the price the Buyer is paying, no additional add-ons are added after completion of order. If you do not agree with the price, use the Counter option.

Once you have reviewed the order information, and have check the box agreeing to the acceptance terms, click "Accept Order" to accept the order and add to your held inventory.

⚠You are required to enter in an attempt date before accepting the order. However, entering notes is not required to accept. Any notes written are visible to the Buyer. Notes should not be used to ask questions regarding the order. Find more about Seller to Buyer communication HERE.

Acceptance Acknowledgement


  1. To reject an order, click the red Reject button

2. If you decide to reject an order you will be provided with a pop-up asking for a reason. Use the reason drop down for a general reason, and you can enter notes to add additional details. Rejecting an order due to price is not an option. Please use the Countering option.

⚠ Please note that Buyers review these rejection notes and it is their decision to adjust any order details, but it is not required that they do.


  1. To counter a Retail Order, click the blue Counter button

2. You will receive a pop-up asking for which items you are countering for. The Countering options do not apply to the Service Price, but add-ons. Once you have checked all the boxes that apply. Enter in the amount INCLUDING the original Service Price.

For Example, the original service price is $22. Extra Attempts has been checked, and Seller charges $10 for extra attempts. The amount needing to be entered is $32

What's Next?

  • Check your inventory for your new order(s). The article HERE will guide you through your inventory management.

  • Have questions for the Buyer? Learn all about how to communicate with a buyer on an order HERE.

  • Download the EZ Knock Marketplace mobile app. All attempts/serves are required to be entered on the mobile app by the person who signed up as a Seller. Find download instructions here.

    There’s an article for that! We want to make sure you have the support you need, when you need it. Our Help Center is available 24/7 and is a great resource for answers and technical support. You can visit our Help Center HERE.

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