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EZ Knock Buyers - Pull Order from Seller
EZ Knock Buyers - Pull Order from Seller

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A Buyer may have a need to pull an order from a Seller. This can be due to various reasons, such as lack of attempts, lack of communication. lack of acceptance, etc.

How do I pull an order from a Seller?

  1. Locate the order you wish to put on hold in your Orders. Click on the recipient's name to be taken to the Order Timeline.

  2. Once on the Order Timeline, scroll down the page and on the right side you will see some options, click the Pull Order from Seller option.

  3. You will receive a pop-up that asks if you want to confirm the pull of the order. Depending on if the order is attempted, your pop-up may have a slight variation in wording. Click Confirm and Pull when ready to pull the order from the Seller. *Note that a note for the Seller may be required, and an amount for Seller's pay if order was attempted. If amount lower than the displayed amount is entered a dispute will automatically be opened up.

What happens after the order is pulled from the Seller?

Once order is pulled from the Seller, the order will go into Partial Order Review (Buyer Review). At this time, you can choose to place the order back into the marketplace with another seller.

Pulling an order from a Seller is subject to the Cancellation Policy but can be disputed.

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