Audio an Video Recordings

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EZ Knock understands that sometimes, just a photo may not be enough. Sometimes audio and video recordings can help a Buyer see what happened on an attempt/serve. Additionally it can help a Seller provide a look into what occurred on their attempt, and provide some additional support .

Can Buyers require Audio and Video recordings on attempts?

Yes. During Order Entry, Buyers can add qualifications "Able to Record Audio" or "Able to Record Video" to their order. This will require that the Seller who takes the order to have the qualification.

Are Sellers required to record Audio or Video?

If the order has the qualifications of "Able to Record Audio" or "Able to Record Video", audio and or video is required on Seller entries on the mobile app. Sellers can find out more about using audio and video on the mobile app, here.

Are Buyers able to access audio and video recordings?

Yes. Buyers are able to access photos, audio recordings and video recordings on each order, in the order's timeline.

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