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Commonly asked questions regarding the EZ Knock Marketplace

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What is the EZ Knock Marketplace?

The EZ Knock Marketplace is a marketplace that brings together Buyers (Clients) and Sellers (Process Servers) in an efficient, cost effective and sustainable way to facilitate process serving. A lite version of "EZ Knock" was introduced last year, but we have been working on many improvements since then! Find out more: What is the EZ Knock Marketplace? EZ Knock Marketplace History

When will EZ Knock Marketplace be launching for Sellers to sign-up?

August 2nd, 2021! Sign up HERE!

When will EZ Knock Marketplace be launching for Buyers to sign-up and place orders?

Early September 2021

Why EZ Knock Marketplace?

The Process Serving world is changing as we know it and we would like to be ahead of the game when it does! Process serving should be simple and we think with technology we can help facilitate that change.

How does the EZ Knock Marketplace work?

Does EZ Knock Marketplace cost anything to be a part of?

Nope! EZ Knock Marketplace will not charge a Seller to sign-up and use the portal!

Will there be a EZ Knock Marketplace mobile app/portal?

Yes, there will be a mobile app and web portal. We are working very hard to make sure these platforms are amazing and user friendly! We can’t wait for you to see it!

What does "setting your price" mean?

A feature of the EZ Knock Marketplace is to allow Sellers to set their own prices for the areas they cover. These prices would apply to Retail Orders in the Retail Market, which is one method Sellers can receive orders.

What is the Wholesale Market (formerly known as Candy Bowl)?

The Wholesale Market is a method Sellers can obtain orders. It displays orders in the Seller's area that Buyers have submitted. Wholesale orders have a price set by the Buyer. Sellers have the option to Accept, Reject, or Watch List orders on the Wholesale Market.

What are qualifications?

Qualifications are attributes that are needed to accept an order. Each order may have different qualifications, and Sellers are at no obligation to add qualifications if they do not wish to do so. However, adding additional qualifications can open up the Seller to more orders.

Will I as a Seller be responsible for creating affidavits/returns?

Sellers are only responsible for creating their own custom returns/affidavits if the order requires it. Buyers set the return/affidavit options. If order requires a custom return/affidavit, only those Sellers with the qualification approved will be able to take the order.

What is the Seller Wallet?

A Seller's wallet and the technology behind it, allows for Sellers to withdraw available funds to a bank account or debit card, and see and download their balance history. Sellers can add and remove funding sources at any time.

How often and how much can I withdraw?

Sellers can withdraw available funds as frequently as they want. The amount that can be withdrawn is based on the Available Balance.

What do the different balances mean?

Total Balance: This is the sum of Available and Locked balances in the wallet

Available Balance: This balance is what a Seller can withdraw from their wallet

Locked Balance: This balance is what is NOT available for withdraw, as the order is not complete.

Will I be able to see which orders correspond with money going into my wallet?

Yes! In the video we showed the gear icon to the right of each transaction row. Clicking that gear will give the option for "More Info". For Order Assignment transactions, you can see the order number in the More Info box.

Can I sign up my sub servers?

No, EZ Knock Marketplace is designed for independent, self-employed process servers to take control of their business and work directly with buyers.

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Are you associated with EZ Messenger?

While the EZ Knock Marketplace shares the "EZ" brand element and is related to EZ Messenger in corporate formality it is materially different in purpose, culture and it's industry purpose.

Where can I get updates on the EZ Knock Marketplace?

We have a Facebook page and YouTube channel that keeps followers informed on our progress. Check them out!

Important - while the EZ Knock Marketplace shares the "EZ" brand element and is related to EZ Messenger in corporate formality it is materially different in purpose, culture and it's industry purpose.

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