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EZ Knock Marketplace is excited to support the growth of all process servers in California and especially those that are members of the California Association of Legal Support Professionals. Trade associations like the CALSPRO are crucial to the growth and evolution of the industries they support.

EZ Knock Marketplace would like to assist in adding value to the members of the California Association of Legal Support Professionals. As a trial program the following will be in place through the end of 2021 to promote job sharing between CALSPRO Members.

The program will benefit buyers(those needing process serving done) that are members of the CALSPRO by making each buyer that places an order eligible for a drawing to receive a free membership each quarter.

The program will benefit sellers(those performing the process serving) that are members of the CALSPRO by adding $10 to their normal fee when receiving an order from another CALSPRO member(Buyer).

For more information about EZ Knock Marketplace visit or

Detailed instructions:

1) If you haven’t already signed up as a Seller(Process Server) with EZ Knock Marketplace do so by going to

2) Upload your proof of membership for the CALSPRO Qualification

a. If you already signed up you can read up on qualifications in the help center

3) Create a Buyer account by following these instructions in the help center

4) Place a Retail order as a buyer and choose the CALSPRO Membership Qualification to limit your choice of sellers to only those that are CALSPRO Members. If no seller pops up and you know of a member in the area send them the referral link to sign up

5) EZ Knock Marketplace will donate 50% of the facilitator fee to be paid to the seller($10) just for being a member of CALSPRO!

6) At the end of the year all Buyers that are CALSPRO Members will be in a drawing to have their next annual dues paid by the EZ Knock Marketplace

If the program receives at least 50 orders between CALSPRO Member buyers and Sellers by the end of the year it will be extended into Q1 2022. So long as 50 orders occur in each quarter it will be extended quarterly with a membership paid each quarter!

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