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Starting in October 2021 EZ Knock partnered with EZ Messenger to provide EZ Messenger vendors with real-time payments via the EZ Knock digital wallet. Below is an FAQ to help with frequently asked questions about this change for EZM vendors.

I am an EZ Messenger Vendor, how to I get set up for real-time payments?

You will need to create a Seller account on EZ Knock Marketplace and ensure you complete the Bank Info section and complete your onboarding. Need help signing-up? Click here.

Do I have to sign-up as a Seller to use the digital wallet?

Yes. Beginning in December 2021 EZ Messenger will no longer be paying their process servers via the ACH (direct deposit) method that is currently in place. Instead those who sign-up with EZ Knock and have a digital wallet will have the opportunity for real-time payments. Those who do not create accounts with a digital wallet will be paid via paper check. You can contact EZ Messenger for more details.

What is the benefit to me by having access to real-time payments?

No more waiting around for pay days, or dealing with pay schedules. You can withdraw from your Available Balance at ANY time, and as much as you want. Two withdraw options are provided, and you are able to withdraw to multiple accounts should you choose. Find out more here.

When will I receive my payments?

Once the transaction for pay on an EZM job is put into your Available Balance you can withdraw at any time. Find out more about how the wallet works and withdraw options here.

How do I know which EZM jobs are in my wallet balance?

Each EZM job payment will be shown as a transaction in your Balance History. The notes of each transaction will contain the EZM Job number, Commission ID, and the recipients name.

How can I keep track of the EZM jobs I have been paid for on EZ Knock?

Sellers are able to export the Balance History in their Wallet and can use this feature to stay organized.

Who should I contact if I have issues with withdrawing funds from my wallet?

You can reach out to the EZ Knock User Support team by clicking the chat icon in the lower right corner of the EZ Knock website.

Who should I contact if I have issues with my commissions, commission amounts or invoicing EZM Jobs?

Please reach out to the support team on EZ Messenger's website for questions/issues regarding commission amounts, commissions, and invoicing.

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