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EZ Knock Buyers - Copy and Cancel an Order
EZ Knock Buyers - Copy and Cancel an Order

Need to duplicate an order? Or need to duplicate and cancel the original order? Find out how in this article.

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The Copy and Cancel process is needed if you are modifying the Recipient's address zip code. Alternatively, you can use this process with any order, even if you are not editing the zip code.

Copy an Order

  1. Locate the order you wish to duplicate in My Orders, and click on the recipient's name.

  2. Once on the Order Timeline page, scroll down until you see the options section, click Copy as new order

  3. You will be redirected to a page advising you that you are copying the order, and the information will transfer to the new order. Enter in the zip code of the delivery address for this new order.

  4. After you enter in the zip code and click the green arrow button to continue, you will proceed with the normal ordering process. You can see specific instructions for each order type in these articles: Wholesale Order, Retail Order, Automated Retail Order.

    Copy and Cancel

  5. To Copy and Cancel an order follow the copy process above and then find your original order and follow the steps to Cancel an Order.

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