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EZ Knock Buyers - How much does it cost to use the Marketplace?
EZ Knock Buyers - How much does it cost to use the Marketplace?

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EZ Knock Marketplace is about transparency and remaining cost-effective. EZ Knock charges a $20 facilitator fee for each order placed in the marketplace regardless of area or order type.

How does this work in order entry?

For example, you are placing a Retail Order and you have selected a Seller and they charge $65 for service to that zip code. The EZ Knock Marketplace facilitator fee would be added to that service price. Your subtotal before any add-ons would calculated as $65+$20= $85. $65 will cover the Seller's service price and $20 would cover the facilitator fee from EZ Knock.

If you are using EZ Knock Marketplace to have a job covered for a client for your business, what you charge your client is completely up to you.

The fee calculation is the same for Wholesale and Automated Retail orders.

Does the facilitator fee ever change?

No, EZ Knock's facilitator fee remains the same regardless of where you need service, or the order type you choose.

Are there options to saving on facilitator fees?

You can contact our Sales team here about information regarding subscription plans.

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